Drowning in Spreadsheets?



Cutting and pasting data between multiple spreadsheets is an error-prone and time-consuming process,

But it is at least better than dealing with inflexible software packages that don’t deliver what we want.

If only there was a way to have the flexibility of spreadsheets without the wasted time…

Let Synapse Come to Your Rescue



Synapse connects your spreadsheets to our cloud.

As each user types data into their local spreadsheet, it is synchronised with every other users spreadsheet.

One clean version of data shared by everyone.

Press play below to understand how we can solve your spreadsheet stress - Synapse in 90 seconds

Our Products and Services

Custom Solutions

Many people have automated business processes using spreadsheets. Synapse leaves you with the benefits of this approach but removes the problems.
Synapse offers customisable solutions for:

  • Financial Services Remediation
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Office Automation
  • Risk Register and RAIDS Automation
  • Resource Planning and Capacity Modelling

Cloud CFO - Group Financial consolidation and reporting

For Group Finance facing the chore of a slow manual accounts consolidation process, Cloud CFO offers a powerful solution that accelerates the financial close without relying on IT departments or inflexible software providers.



Our Business Model


Easy to use

Using spreadsheets means instant familiarity for your team. Synapse delivers all of the benefits of your spreadsheets whilst eliminating the disadvantages.

Work with the Business

We speak business – not technology. We know that your business requirements can change on a daily basis so the Synapse solution flexes accordingly.



We charge a flat fee, per user, per month. This fee is fully inclusive of attentive, expert support. There is no lengthy set up time or cost.


Producing reliable information with inflexible software is fraught with issues.

Solving the problem with spreadsheets is an inefficient and error-prone process.


Synapse provides a completely new approach to solving the problem.

Connecting your spreadsheets to our Cloud Server allows Synapse to provide high quality data whilst leaving you with maximum flexibility.

What our Customers Say...

Programme and Portfolio Management


“Synapse automated our spreadsheet solution and customised it to provide exactly the KPI’s we required along with detailed audit trails to prove the data quality. Today we have a display screen showing the state of every project in our portfolio in real time – we couldn’t have achieved this without Synapse.”


France Haughton-James. Programme Director. Leading Swedish Retailer.


Resource Planning


“Synapse enabled us to quadruple our workload without expanding our team. Very easy to use, reporting is easy and the Synapse team are very approachable and helpful. We were able to design bespoke resource allocation processes in less than three months and we recouped the Synapse investment almost instantly due to resource efficiencies provided.”


Leading UK High St Bank


Capacity Planning


“Synapse are on track to deliver benefits of £2 million.”

Sharon Atherton – Resource Senior Analyst. Leading UK High St Bank.



Remediation for Financial Services


“Synapse provided a highly flexible product and a very personal service to us in its work with myself, as Programme Manager, and the business team, on a high profile programme of work.  The Synapse team worked alongside the business and change team in the operational site, creating a real partnership and providing immediate support.  The nature of the programme meant that we needed a quality solution quickly which could also be adapted at pace. Synapse took  this challenge on board and delivered for us.”

Programme Manager from a Leading UK High St Bank.



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