The Problems We Solve

Cloud CFO is a complete solution designed for group companies for automating consolidation, financial reporting and forecasting that leverages the power of an industrial database and combines it with the simplicity of a spreadsheet interface. This solves the problem of a lengthy and risky manual consolidation process.

It enhances your existing spreadsheets with auditability, security, data integrity and many other features common to enterprise systems without including their inflexibility, low user adoption rates and high cost.

Our Solution

Cloud CFO provides a novel and powerful solution to traditional group financial accounting problems. It automates the integration of financial data from multiple entities to create a unified, consolidated set of management or statutory accounts for group finance.

Statutory Accounts Module (Beta)

Statutory Accounts Module (Beta)

Our customers have told us repeatedly that the whole Statutory Accounts production process is hugely time consuming,
expensive and not a core value added process for their business.

Our new Statutory Accounts Module automates the entire process end to end so that generating the final ‘glossies’ is just another – albeit complex – report process. Most importantly, the source entity data and all transformations and mappings through to the glossies are all connected in a live ‘system’ so that changing any values results in a new and up to the minute refreshed statutory report.

Our Benefits

Cloud CFO is a complete solution for Group Company Financial Reporting, enabling multiple entity consolidation and management accounts production.


A Flexible Solution


Complete audit trail

The Finance team can add the group company’s structure and formatting to Cloud CFO with ease. You can also add users, entities and even your own business rules. Cloud CFO grows with you and your company’s needs, with minimal disruption to the team.

Data quality is guaranteed because all of your spreadsheet business rules and formulae are preserved in the cloud database and then executed in such a way as to ensure data integrity. You can track and monitor who made what changes and when.

One single version of the truth

Full Synapse Support

As any member of the team changes any cell of data in their local spreadsheet, a record is written to a secure audit database showing a time-stamped trail of all changes by all users no matter where they are. Cloud CFO synchronises the spreadsheet data of each member of the finance team, ensuring that their work is shared accurately with every other team member.

Our expert team provide more than a standard software support package. We typically keep a comprehensive copy of the entire running system in our office so that when major changes occur we can carry out pre-production regression testing and ensure system stability at all times. Synapse Support is available during standard working hours and governed by an SLA.  Our team are friendly and approachable and willing to help with all your queries – big or small.

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