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Agile Corporate Reporting

Dynamically connect your systems, your people and your critical data in real time

What we do

We make the work lives of Finance teams easier by streamlining the integration of the multiple systems needed for reporting.

We put Finance firmly in control of defining their processes and reporting without reliance on slow IT and expensive suppliers.

We build products that deliver the core reporting needed for the Primary Financial Statements as well as modules that address Risk, KPI and Performance.

Our technology then links all of these modules so that data entered once is visible consistently in all connected modules i.e.: there is a Single Version of the Truth that is always up to date.


What does this mean for me?

We provide both an Excel™ and a Power BI™ ‘front end’ that sits on top of this connected data to give drill down through the years of historic and forecast Primary Financial Statements to examine trends and publish reports.

The links between Risks and the Financial Statements mean that now we can quickly query the data to get answers with guaranteed integrity.

Our new Financial Risk Management (FRM) module exploits this capability and automates frequently required tasks such as Bank Covenant Reporting with Synapse supplied Templates.

How will this improve my current approach?

We have connected the humble spreadsheet to a powerful database to eliminate the well-known data quality problems that arise from sharing spreadsheets containing complex formulae used to manipulate disparate data to solve near unique problems.

Our customers frequently have spreadsheet based Risks and KPIs they have to manually blend together with extracted TBs to build and publish a Board Pack.

Our technology solves this manual collation problem whilst simultaneously preserving the flexibility of spreadsheet logic and formatting. Beyond eliminating wasted manual effort, this approach also lets multiple finance team members to work fully in parallel, which of course cannot be achieved through cutting, pasting and emailing spreadsheets amongst the team. Parallel working means that another critical benefit is delivered to the finance team: a faster time to close.


Cloud CFO

Cloud CFO is a product solving a specific business problem in the production of Management Accounts, Forecasts and Financial Risk Modelling.

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Clearview Risk & KPI

Clearview is a product containing principal pre-integrated modules solving specific business problems in the management of Risk and KPIs.

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We are developing new integrations with external finance systems, extending the use of analytics and BI tools and developing AI techniques for the processing and analysis of financial data.

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