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Cloud Forecaster

Agile Financial Forecasting

One Single Version of the Truth

Forecasting, especially within group companies, often consists of several stand alone, hand-crafted spreadsheets containing multiple tabs, with complex custom business logic and formulae. Limited integration between ERPs, management packs and the underlying forecast model require carefully prepared templates, linked workbooks or copying and pasting data to present the latest accurate consolidated forecast. The complexity of this process is exacerbated by the current volatile and changing financial climate and the need to prepare multiple scenarios for both internal and external stakeholders.


Cloud Forecaster


Cloud Forecaster is an integrated module within Cloud CFO, a cloud based solution for group accounting with a familiar Excel interface. Cloud Forecaster links the management account's closing values into the future for any user defined set of periods e.g. 3 months or 5 years. The link to the source accounts production system means an unbroken chain exists: forecasts are always up to date and generated in real-time with no risk of data corruption from a standalone spreadsheet. Alongside the actual forecast; rules, drivers and adjustments are also synchronised to the cloud database, allowing for forecasts to be recreated in seconds with your existing logic, meaning  no time or effort is wasted reconstituting old spreadsheets. 

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Cloud Forecaster
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Integrate actuals and forecasts

Forecaster is accessed through the Forecast option in your Cloud CFO ribbon

Data is mapped, and reports are defined and populated with your current actuals,  which means there is no need to prepare,  import, or copy and paste data

The single version of the truth presented to Cloud Forecaster removes the requirement for any manual manipulation or rolling forward each month


Define rules and parameters

Each line within your reports is associated with a pre-defined or custom formula and a parameter using a simple drop down menu

Parameters can be varied over time to account for seasonality or anticipated changes in targets and conditions

Global constants are available to store values that are applicable to multiple lines or scenarios

Manual adjustments can be applied to any lines for known receipts, payments or contingencies

Forecast multiple periods and scenarios

Forecasts are produced for any arbitrary length of time, from months to years in the future

Different drivers and parameters can be assigned for sensitivity analysis and to create scenarios

Reports are interlinked and include Profit & Loss, Balance sheet and Cash Flow


Sync both data and logic

Your forecast data is validated and synced to the cloud and immediately available to any of your team for viewing, editing, consolidating or producing dashboards with tools like Power BI

In addition, the drivers, parameters and adjustments are also synced to the cloud, allowing reforecasts and multiple scenarios to be recreated with just a few clicks, built with the same validated underlying logic and structure

Cloud Forecaster
Video walkthrough

00:03 Logging in, receiving and creating a forecast

00:40 Defining constants, rules and drivers

01:50 Fine tuning drivers and manually adjusting lines

02:19 Saving scenarios and syncing data and logic

02:42 Recreating and reloading saved forecasts

03:27 Analysing and reviewing forecasts

04:13 Exporting and archiving scenarios

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