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Business Intelligence and Reporting Suite

Empower your organisation with up to the moment insights, shaped for every stakeholder

Clearview Business intelligence and reporting suite is an incredibly powerful next-generation tool. 

Visualise your data to bridge the gap between data and decision making. Microsoft Power BI delivers insight right across your enterprise... from Clearview and beyond.

Prefer to use another reporting tool? Utilise the fully supported Clearview Open Reporting Interface (CORI) service to expose a comprehensive set of data views to drive reporting in any third-party reporting tool of your choice. 


What is Clearview Open Reporting Interface (CORI)?

The tables and views under the Clearview Strategy and performance suite can be exposed for any reporting tools to consume. That database information is upgraded and maintained by our engineering team within every release. 

We offer 360 degree support via Email, Phone and the Yammer Portal to provide you with a better report and easy analysis service. 

This service allows all users to change the control easily to manage the impact of changes. 


Added Value and benefits:

Business improvement: Tight integration with Clearview Strategy and Performance suite. To gain valuable process and business insight; identify improvements and efficiencies; apply a consistent approach to business intelligence and transform your service delivery.

Empower users: Widely used, with a huge knowledge base. To enable a self-service business intelligence culture through making reporting available to anyone in the organisation without the need for specialist skills or technical training.

Ad hoc and scheduled reporting: save time and money through carrying out real-time data analysis and exploration across multiple data sources in addition to producing accurate and informative reports when required.

Powerful graphics and visualisations: tailor reports to your audience to improve insight and understanding of data. View unique, dynamic dashboards with powerful filtering and built-in ability to drill down features to the detail.

Simple deployment and a rapid return on investment.

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