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        Strategy and Performance Suite

                  Personal Performance Module

                                     Manage all aspects of employee lifecycle from probation through to appraisals 

The Clearview Personal Performance Module will help your organisation manage and monitor employee performance against individual objectives, competencies and within the broader context of your organisation’s overall performance.

“We have seen the benefit of the integrated 360 appraisal system and no paperwork… the online approval has saved a lot of time, and the reporting has enabled us to see where appraisals are missing, without detailed manual spreadsheets.”

Improve organisational performance:

  • Manage and monitor your employees' performance
  • Ensure appraisals, reviews, and 1-2-1s occur and are documented appropriately
  • Align personal objectives with your organisation’s strategy and goals
  • Clearly view what is on target and what isn’t
  • Quickly drill down into specific areas for further information
  • Carry out 90 degree (self-assessment) and 360 degree (self-assessment and colleague assessment) scoring against pre-defined organisational competencies
  • Identify, analyse and address any learning and development needs
  • Empower line managers to effectively and efficiently supervise the performance of any direct reports

Streamline and simplify processes:

  • Bring a consistent approach to the administration of personal performance across your organisation; 
  • Improve completion rates, consistency and quality;
  • Use an electronic system to save time and cost;
  • Use an email alerting tool to facilitate your processes;
  • Enable an ongoing review of personal performance with supporting evidence and documentation; 
  • Free up time for employees, managers and HR;
  • Place responsibility for the completion of performance-related tasks with the individual.

Personal performance module 

                                                               Video walkthrough

Video content:

  • Module introduction
  • Create and define competency assessments
  • Create and administer different performance reviews
  • Manage training opportunities
  • Individuals access to their own database
  • Admin access to the overview employee performance
  • Create bespoke reports 
  • Examples of email alerts available 
  • Benefits of Personal performance module
  • Contact details to arrange a demo




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