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Strategy and Performance Suite

                  Project Management Module

                                     Achieve your goals 


The Clearview Project Module assists you in managing your strategy, breaking it down into project plans and related tasks; ensuring your objectives can be delivered effectively and efficiently.

The Project Module links together all of the key elements of the planning process, including delivery of excellent outcomes, identifying efficiencies and value for money initiatives, and recording project budgets, enabling you to deliver a single integrated plan for your organisation.

“Staff (use ‘Clearview’ to) track the progress of the project they are working on and how it relates to wider corporate goals. Action plans are SMART and progress against the plans closely monitored. This improves the certainty that key projects will be delivered.”

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Improve organisational performance:

  • Reduce the risk of missed deliverables and budget overruns
  • Ensure day-to-day activities are linked to your corporate objectives
  • Verify that plans are properly assessed and resourced
  • Identify over-commitment and timing issues of your employees
  • Deliver continuous improvement by linking to service excellence frameworks and quality standards such as Investors in People and Customer Service Excellence
  • Drive annual efficiencies and value for money initiatives from your projects and plans
  • Identify project delivery issues and conflicts at an early stage

Streamline and simplify processes:

  • Streamline project management
  • Evidence project progress and outcomes
  • Eliminate duplication of effort across the business
  • Easily allow people to update their own progress towards your corporate goals
  • Generate email alerts to support your processes
  • Develop project budgets and cascade them into your annual budget process
  • Ensure visibility and reporting of organisational achievements
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Clearview Strategy and project 

Video walkthrough 

Video content:

  • Business strategy communication
  • Live working strategy document
  • Mission statement, values and objectives
  • SMART goals
  • Manage group or departmental projects
  • Link risks
  • Progress tracking
  • Allocate responsibilities
  • Drive improvement





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