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Strategy and Performance Suite

Risk Management Software

Store all risk registers in one place

The Clearview Risk Module clarifies and streamlines your risk management by allowing you to document, assess and manage your strategic and operational risks. “The Board risk training session using the Clearview Risk Module was the best received of any Board session we have ever done.” The risk module provides users with a complete view of their organisations risks and allows you to plan against risks in advance, make decisions and put actions into place.

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Improve organisational performance: 

  • Identify, monitor and manage risks and their mitigating activities
  • Assign ownership for each risk
  • Analyse and report on risks in a number of ways
  • Evaluate risk exposure for the organisation in financial terms
  • Manage the controls designed to minimise the risk
  • Monitor key risk performance indicators
  • Enable effective decision making by providing information to management to mitigate risk

Streamline and simplify processes:

  • Populate a comprehensive risk database containing both strategic and operational risks
  • Automate the production of risk matrices for each manager, department and the organisation as a whole
  • Align the module to support and enhance your risk management framework
  • Clarify, streamline and embed risk management and monitoring
  • Decide how often you will review risks and receive email alert reminders
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Clearview Risk

Video walkthrough 

Video content:

  • View risk and control databases
  • View risk matrices 
  • Examples of email alerts available
  • Benefits of the Risk module




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