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Strategy and Performance Suite

Service Excellence Module

Helping you to evidence and meet your outcomes

The Clearview Service Excellence module allows you to internally assess your organisation against all components of a regulatory standard or accreditation. This will help you identify any areas for improvement and be fully prepared ahead of an external assessment. 

“The Service excellence tool on Clearview saves us time by enabling us to input our evidence in one central place and being able to monitor and report on our progress. Now that we are ‘IIP Gold’, we want to make sure that we are fully aware of our performance against the standard. We plan to use Clearview Service excellence in our Managers’ Forum meetings so that it is visible for all of us.”

SE Our outcomes

Improve organisational performance:

  • Easily view your performance towards achieving accreditation
  • Develop your own internal standards to assess yourself against
  • Investigate other standards in Clearview’s collection before committing to achieving them
  • Increase responsibility by assigning ownership

Streamline and simplify processes:

  • Allow everyone in your organisation to view your current position towards achieving accreditations
  • Contain all information in one place
  • Gather evidence and examples of excellent performance
  • If you are using the Clearview Project Module you will have the ability to link corporate projects to any Service Excellence entity, demonstrating how current projects are helping your organisation achieve accreditations
  • If you are using the Clearview Performance Scorecard module you will be able to link any Service Excellence entity to a KPI, showing progress towards excellence
SE performance report

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