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Agile Corporate Reporting

Dynamically connect your systems, your people and your critical data in real time

Our Purpose

We make the work lives of Finance teams easier by streamlining the integration of the multiple systems needed for reporting.

We put Finance firmly in control of defining their processes and reporting without reliance on slow IT and expensive suppliers.



Our Products

Extreme flexibility delivered into the hands of the finance team.

Cloud CFO

Management Accounts production. Scenario Based Forecasting. Financial Risk Modelling.

Cloud CFO has won UK Government SMART™ R&D awards for building its advanced Cloud systems.


Light touch Risk Management means the team are productive rapidly.


Strategic and Operational Risk. KPI and Performance Management. Business Intelligence.

Clearview is ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certified.

New! Talk to us today about our FRM Beta Programme.

Financial Risk Management

AI Powered 'Back end' plus intuitive Power BI 'front end' lets the team easily model any Financial Ratios e.g.: Covenants, Loan Cover ...

Integration between Cloud CFO and the Clearview Risk modules gives one unified view spanning financial and non-financial risks.


Our Technology

Our Team of Computer Scientists solved the data integrity problem of spreadsheets.

Single Version of the Truth

Your team use their desktop spreadsheets as they always have, but now Synapse connects each spreadsheet to our Cloud Database.

Each Desktop's changes ripple through the Cloud to every other desktop to ensure the team work with a Single Version of the Truth.

This eliminates the need to email the latest spreadsheet version from person to person and avoids data versioning and quality problems


The team keep spreadsheet flexibility advantages while avoiding data quality downsides.

Enterprise Grade Software in Excel

Connecting spreadsheets to our Cloud leverages the industrial grade data quality technologies inside Oracle and SQL Server.

Finance can now transform their departmental spreadsheets into customisable enterprise grade multi-user applications.

Custom logic - for example complex forecast scenarios - created by one member of the team is now usable across the organisation.

Unlock finance team skills by leveraging their spreadsheet expertise across the organisation.

Leverage spreadsheet IP assets 

Our team examines complex spreadsheet systems - often painstakingly developed over many years - every day.

These systems are often sparsely used - they cannot scale because of the well known data quality problems of spreadsheets.

Synapse brings a new outlook to this problem -  your team's efforts can now be shared across the organisation with assured data quality 


Our Customers